PAK, be the Regional Official Partner of Manchester City
source:    release time:2016-07-06

Congratulations on PAK to be the Regional Official Partner of Manchester City


Beijing time 6th,May, 2016

Another breaking Cross-boundary Cooperation event of lighting and sports kicked off


The strategic cooperation between PAK and MCFC has been officially launched. 


It is reported that PAK is MCFC’s first official lighting partner in China. 


Which means that PAK will foot on a wider stage with the help of top sports industry resources, together with products and brand ideas extended through the international market. 


This grand press conference will naturally be strong concerned by Tencent, NetEase, Sina, Phoenix and many other key medias, with multi-dimensional interview on this cooperation issue.

The market director of PAK WangJun is making a speech

The Asia Pacific Marketing, cooperative partnership director of MCFC, Ms. Sarah white is making a speech.


You must know the scene if you are unable to attend today.

Business tycoon; Famous soccer player; Media elite, Only these?

Certainly more than that.

Because this is probably the most dazzling press conference in this year


The Promotion Ambassador of MCFC SunJiHai

A Token of Love

As the first lighting partner of MCFC in China, we prepared calligraphy works,

which can greatly symbolize the Chinese elements

MCFC gave us Jersey No.1 and No.10.


Wonderful performance


Brilliant Laser Dance


We held a wonderful press conference and won numerous applause in Guangzhou. In the future, we will create pride together with MCFC.

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