Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2016
source:    release time:2016-07-18

The twenty-first Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition opened in June 9, 2016, gathering a large number of lighting brands, just like a mirror of China lighting industry. The most noteworthy thing was, PAK went to the exhibition for the sixteen times as an old friend, which is one of the few consecutive brand exhibitors.

Liu Sheng Ping ,Chairman of China lighting association,,Visited the booth.

Throughout the history of PAK, PAK has a stunning show every time. So this time, what surprises will PAK bring us?

Highlight 1: Visual shock of light change

PAK use more intelligent control system this year, such as color, light spot, change effect of light shade to interpret the product performance, let the visitors Experience a good light show more intuitively.

Booth internal design

Commercial intelligence area

Highlight 2: All new products create a feast of light

PAK-owned research and development LED lighting products, are blooming in business, Home Furnishing, hotel, office, outdoor, etc. New products, new technologies and new ideas are creating more possibilities for the lighting effect.

Flexible LED strip light

Ceiling-mounted light

Highlight 3: Perfect lighting project to create a comfortable environment

From morning to evening, from day to night, indoor or outdoor, what kind of light environment you prefer? For this exhibition, PAK was demonstrating the advantages of LED lighting products, excellent color rendering, excellent color stability and advanced technology through combining product with different scenes in areas of home lighting, commercial intelligence, hotel lighting, office lighting and outdoor lighting, bringing comfort visual and energy saving experience of the light environment to the customers.

Home Lighting Area

Outdoor Lighting Area

T5 Fitting Area

Hotel Lighting Area

Throughout the entire booth of PAK, it is a complete lighting project. From the booth product to the lighting design plan, and then to the site construction debugging, PAK ran the whole process. The booth fully demonstrated outstanding exclusive customization ability, professional lighting design ability and leading R & D and manufacturing ability, letting customers feel the value of "light".

We believe that PAK will be more brilliant in the coming days.

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