PAK in Thailand LEDexpo-2017
source:    release time:2017-05-16

The three-day Thailand LEDexpo-2017 has kicked off in Bangkok on the date May 11th.  As the most influential exhibition of lighting industry in Thailand and Southeast Asia, the Thailand LEDexpo-2017 attracted a multitude of famous lighting exhibitors from around the world.

At the show, you can find a refreshing scenery, which is one of the most famous lighting brands of China PAK. Unique design, clever shape, simple brand image, PAK is going into the international arena vision  step by step.

As always, PAK exhibited the excellent and energy efficient LED lighting products and provided a home from home service . Whether the product appearance, structure, light distribution design, or product performance, were bringing the most vivid visual experience to the audiences.

Thailand LEDexpo-2017 was the first shot for PAK in the international exhibitions this year. Along with  the development of lighting industry and its own initiative spirit,  PAK is not only going out, but also to go well, go far.  To enhance the brand influence and the user loyalty is the consistent goal of PAK. Let us look forward to the upcoming Australian sparc-FMA, Malaysia ARCHIDEX, Dubai International Lighting Fair..., rooting more deeply, spreading farther and farther.

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