PAK-The Third Time Shining On the Sparc-FMA
source:    release time:2017-06-02

Competing for the next exit, PAK is radiant in the Australian market.

On the date May 30th, the Australian Lighting Fair (Sparc-FMA International Lighting and Facilities Event 2017) opened at the Sydney International Convention Center (ICC). As the Sailing Vanguard, PAK were carrying their superior products such as downlights, spotlights, tube lights, troffers and garden lights on the show this time. With so many foreign lighting brands on the same stage of competition, PAK is always striving for the strongest Light, making the Chinese lighting brands flourishing.

It is reported that the Lighting Council Australia (LCA), as the national lighting industry organizations, held the Sparc-FMA twice a year since 2011. PAK entered into the Australian market from the year 2009, and participated in the event for the third time this year. Thus, you can see its influence and sight.

Today, in the economic environment of globalization, the overseas market is undoubtedly a vast blue ocean. The local lighting manufacturing industry of Australia is not so developed, and the lighting manufacturers can be described as rare, so the lighting products heavily rely on imports, mainly from China. Australia is also the first country for comprehensive elimination of incandescent lamps around the world, regarded as a paradise for efficient lighting applications. Therefore, LED enterprises from China are accelerating on the road, facing more and more intense competition.

Battle on the international market, PAK carves out its way. In addition to develop overseas trading partners constantly, PAK will insist on participating in the grand international events to obtain the first-hand informations. Malaysia (ARCHIDEX) and Dubai International Lighting Fair is coming soon.


The famous Vivid Sydney was also held over the same period.

There were a total of 90 events at this lighting show this year

Especially worth mentioning is the works designed from overseas Chinese

Which is the Light of Thoughts!

"Light of Thoughts is the physical embodiment of bright ideas. It is a giant brain that sits waiting for participants to stimulate it and thus discover what happens during different types of thought processes. " Once again PAK supported and helped this Chinese team for the works, showing the power of Chinese wisdom to the world.

Here below is the Sponsor Reciprocal Reception Scene of Vivid Sydney on the date May 30th. From left to right is, Australian Agent Boss of PAK- Yujin Lee, Export Manager of PAK- Wang Jiaxing, Chief Director of Vivid Sydney- Anthony Bastic, Vice General Manager of PAK- Chen Songhui , Australian Agents Engineer Luo Shidi (Also the leader of works Light of Thoughts).

What sparks they will crash? Let us wait and see...

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