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On the memorable day 16th August, PAK officially announced its new brand logo and  brand concept-"Delight in high-end lighting" to the public. It is definitely a key step for PAK in continuously pushing on its Internationalization strategy since the listed event in March this year.

The brand-new LOGO has been optimized delicately on the basis of the original and at the meanwhile, retained the high-recognized graphs of "三雄极光" and "Pak". With the deepening of the Internationalization, an attractive LOGO would certainly increase the connection between the brand and the customers’ mind. The script of the logo is redesigned much richer and more modernized. With a chic green and gray color, the LOGO would be more visually acceptable by the young customers. At the launch site, "Pak" is reaffirmed as Professional Appliance Kingdom, showing the great ambition of PAK in the lighting industry.

In fact, PAK started to launch its products abroad a dozen years ago and has created a solid brand influence for unremitting efforts in the world. This year, PAK speeded up its path, and initiatively took part in the internationalized exhibitions such as theThailand LEDexp,The Sparc-FMA International Lighting & Facilities Event in Sydney, and the ARCHIDEX, MALAYSIA. What’s more, PAK has cooperated with the Chinese team and created the work "Light of thought"  in Vivid Sydney, gradually raising the brand perception in the overseas market.

On the process of being international, PAK has been devoted to creat a solid and bright future with its strong channel dominance and excellent lighting solutions. Concentrated in Australia, Middle-east and South-Asia these years, along with the new brand logo and brand concept-"Delight in high-end lighting" , PAK would continue to implement the international strategic process to improve and perfect the professional overseas group, deepen the outward-oriented development and deliver the high quality green lighting products and PAK Concept to more of the world.

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